Top web hosting services 2021

Today, the problem of website promotion is actual because everyone who wants to present their service as best as possible is interested in the quality interface of their site and its content.

Hosting and promotion of sites on the Internet

The rapid growth of the number of sites on the Internet is forcing resource owners to pay more and more attention to their promotion. The commercialization of the network has had a decisive impact on the promotion of sites. This topic is relevant today because we live in an information society in which modern man uses the Internet every day, visits sites, and draws information from them. Therefore, it is important to understand what determines the success of site promotion and how it affects the effectiveness of sales of goods and services.

Hosting using a virtual private server (VPS) provides the ability to use a virtual server with its own processor, data storage, and RAM. By choosing VPS hosting, you get a lot of benefits that are missing in the case of shared hosting. The cost of such a service is not so high, while it gives you much more than shared hosting, making it an ideal choice for small businesses that require a private virtual server.

In order to host the website, you need to:

  • have your own website. You need to have a copy of the site on a local computer (Html-files), or ready-made materials + a script that would allow you to create a website directly on the server;
  • have a domain name. You need to find and buy the domain name of the site. It is desirable that the name speaks about the subject of the site, and is easy to remember. The domain name can be in any domain of your choice, for example, .com .net .org .ua. etc. When choosing a domain zone should be guided by data on the subject of domains;
  • order one of the hosting plans of the company that provides hosting services

The best web hosting solutions

While it’s impossible to virtually know which web host is the best, we’ve put together a list to help you arrive at a smart decision! Most of them offer one-click solutions or offer minimal knowledge to set up your site and operate it.

When choosing a hosting provider, you should pay attention to several points. Many are used to focusing on price, so they will turn to free hosting first of all. As a result, you will receive a limited package of services, interruptions in work, the danger of sudden closure, and advertising that the hoster will place on your resource at its discretion. So free hosting should be used only for training or a simple business card site.

It is also recommended to assess the quantitative limitations of its servers, because your site will develop, and over time you may want to open other sites under your account. There are several types of restrictions – the amount of disk space provided on the server, the amount of traffic during the month, the number of sites in one account, the number and volume of mailboxes and databases, the number of concurrent processes per user, time for each process, etc. Pay special attention to the support service – it is desirable that it works around the clock and be as customer-oriented as possible.

Among the most well-known hosting providers in accordance with the world’s best judges there are: