Best Nintendo Wii games

Nintendo Wii is a modern game console, the peculiarity of which is that the actions of the playing person are as close as possible to the movements of the game character.

Nintendo Wii – console of a new generation

Many of Nintendo’s Wii designs were highly praised, some of which became iconic slot machines that still hold premium properties in entertainment centers to this day. Unfortunately, the appearance of the Wii came at a time when game developers were consolidating: publishing games simultaneously on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC became much easier, and many developers, looking at the Wii with its relatively weak hardware and unique controls, decided to ignore this platform. But despite the lack of good third-party games, an exceptional set of games have been released on the Wii during its lifecycle.

Launched by Nintendo at the end of 2012, the Wii U set-top box inherited and enhanced the capabilities of the previous version. The world’s first 8th generation console supports Nintendo Wii game discs, which is good news. This unification allows you to enjoy all the platform projects that many gamers love. Games for Wii U belong to all the genres of today. These are classic platformers, entertaining RPGs, entertaining dance and music simulators, fighting games, and many others. They are suitable for passing, both alone and in the company of friends. This variety is available due to the wide functionality of the set-top box.

The top of Nintendo Wii games

The total number of games that can be launched on this console is more than two hundred titles. We will pay attention only to the most popular publications. So, the list of the best Wii games includes are the following options:

  • SteamWorld Dig 2

The game is a sequel to the arcade platformer, in which players take control of a small robot and set off to search for their kidnapped friends in the depths of the earth. Players will find excavation of mines, platforming, and a variety of puzzles.

  • Marvel Universe Online

The game is an MMORPG set in the Marvel Comics Universe. The world of the game will take users to a modern metropolis, where characters will live, endowed with the powers of classic superheroes. It is known that in the game you can meet your favorite superheroes – Spider-Man and his companions, X-Men, Captain America, and the Hulk. Most likely, these will be NPCs and can be seen in the cutscenes. You will have to fight with famous opponents – charismatic villains from the pages of comics.

  • Young Justice: Legacy

It is an action game based on the animated television series Young Justice, copyrighted by Warner Bros. Animation. The plot is based on the DC Universe comics. The main characters are a team of superheroes fighting various villains. You can play in a single-player campaign, as well as online and local network modes.

  • Trauma Center: New Blood

It is an addicting puzzle game that is a mixture of two genres: visual novel and surgeon simulator. The player will have to carry out complex operations, where the slightest mistake can lead to the death of the patient. The game received good reviews, mainly for its original gameplay and new game modes, including co-op and challenge modes.

  • Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

A turn-based RPG game that many have likened to chess due to its wealth of tactical capabilities. Throughout more than 40 chapters, the player will witness various events: military coups, betrayal, blackmail, death of close friends, revenge, senseless genocide, and many others. And it all unfolds against the backdrop of furiously complex turn-based battles.